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The Actor's Journey

Actors who discover the Sanford Meisner technique speak openly about the incredible freedom it has brought to their work, making them highly directable...

Leading The 'Why'

The first of its kind in Queensland, T.A.J teaches the internationally acclaimed SANFORD MEISNER technique, from beginner through to graduate level

All our intimate classes are shot on location with the latest film gear including Dji Ronin RS2 & Black Magic 6K pro on cinema lenses providing footage of work

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A rare opportunity to see master graduation performance evening on Thursday the 12th of May showcasing the incredible works performed by advanced alumni to industry and friends. (Open Now!)



Our 'Studio'

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Our vision for every actor who studies and trains with us, is to provide them with not only world class technique, but also real opportunities to be involved in high quality production.

Studying under and with legendary Australian actors such as double AFI winner Luke Ford, the Hobbit's Stephen Hunter, and many more, Kelly knows his craft as a way of life and is also the winner of three 'Best Film' and two 'Best Director' awards amongst many international nominations for his short film 'KURZEME FORTRESS'.

In 2021 Kelly partnered up with one of Australia's very few advanced Meisner technique teachers Mathew Costin whose knowledge and insight create a tremendous opportunity for actors to work alongside.

2022 is an exciting year that will see five advanced graduates complete their extensive training, notable since this is the most Sanford Meisner graduates in Australia since 2014. 

Our 2022 Alumni


We believe that being a career actor presents real challenges that are very unique, and so require a unique solution that can increase their opportunities whilst encouraging them personally.


Stephanie Allsopp

“I have studied in some of Australias best known institutions and T.A.J brings what it really means to be an actor whilst I was able to manage my other jobs”

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Mark Lang

"Training with Kelly and Mathew has completely changed my entire perspective of what it means to be an actor. There's no role I don't think I could not have a crack at"

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Damien McIntosh

"The best compliment I have been given in the years of training at T.A.J by film directors, is how directable I am. The level of personal and professional growth here has been life changing."

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