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Of real acting freedom in one of the world's most regarded techniques

"Acting is living truthfully in the given imaginary circumstance" SANFORD MEISNER

What does acting mean to you? Is it about the creative world of imagination, or maybe becoming somebody who you've never been? Is it all about 'talent'? What even is that? Could anyone be an actor? What made your favourite actor in that movie so powerfully moving for you? Thankfully some great masters spent entire lifetimes living these answers out for us to follow...

Here's a biggy for you. Without over thinking it, who was the last actor in which movie that truly moved you in a surprising way? Could you dare to imagine yourself being so moved on camera that someone was completely drawn into your character? After all, isn't that how humans work, by being moved through someones experiences that we relate to? 

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We are deeply proud of The Actor's Journey's first-ever 'Master Graduate' Alumni, who have all poured extensive passion, dedication, and hard work into becoming Queensland's first advanced 'Meisner graduates'. 

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Damien McIntosh
Alumni Graduate

"It's what's not on the brochure that really counts in these classes"

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Imagine leaving acting class every week feeling deeply affected, shifted, and somehow walking out with a fresh perspective of yourself and your craft. How does this sound to you? Well this is the experience described by our actors, who take their valuable time to come and study with us, every day people like you, who want to become someone they feel proud of. This is the actor's journey. 

Because we know something that isn't often taught out there, and that is this. If an actor truly falls in love with their craft, discovering what acting truly means for them, becomes confident in their ability to run free in the imaginary world they create, they become unstoppable. We've seen it time and time again, and it inspires us seeing such incredible changes in peoples confidence. 

Our 2022 Alumni


Becoming a great actor is so much about becoming a more confident and stronger person, and this is something we have committed to installing in every one of our actors. We believe that each actor has an affect on their world, simply by being who they are meant to be. Our Alumni are evidence of these ideas, and we celebrate them!


Stephanie Allsopp

“I have studied in some of Australias best known institutions and T.A.J brings what it really means to be an actor whilst I was able to manage my other jobs”

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Mark Lang

"Training with Kelly and Mathew has completely changed my entire perspective of what it means to be an actor. There's no role I don't think I could not have a crack at"

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Damien McIntosh

"The best compliment I have been given in the years of training at T.A.J by film directors, is how directable I am. The level of personal and professional growth here has been life changing."

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