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Why your acting matters to me

I love seeing actors get a win, both in their training and also in watching doors open for their chosen path. 

One thing I know for sure, if an actor falls in love with acting on a really personal level, it's going to show big time.

Without a doubt, The Actor's Journey is not something people should have to take alone, and it is my belief that training alongside passionate people rubs off!

I've been really privileged to train with some of Australia's finest actors, whom I have done my best to emulate every aspect of what has worked so well for them.

My personal longing is to see every single person who comes here partner with us to help create amazing productions.

Through every single person's hard work and love for being a part of something really special, whether a movie, production, or simply relationships they form here, seeing lives changed is the best thing ever!

The best part of being an actor, director, writer or whatever part we want to be involved with, is that we can be. And going it alone, is not how it's meant to be. Partnering, building, growing and learning together is what creates the most meaningful opportunities. Ones that we'll always look back on with thanks.