Kelly Hetherington

Kelly directing_edited.jpg

Hi there, welcome to The Actor's Journey, my name is Kelly and I want to share with you my vision for both actors and the Australian film industry as the founder.

First of all, let me say that I love seeing actors get a win, both in their training and also in watching doors open for their chosen path. 

Without a doubt, The Actor's Journey is not something people should have to take alone, and it is my belief that training alongside passionate people rubs off!

I've been really privileged to train with some of Australia's finest actors, whom I have done my best to emulate every aspect of what has worked so well for them.

It gets me so excited as both new and experienced actors develop into true people of excellence which I note is far more to do with personal effort than anything else.

Actors who come and put in those many hours of training with us deserve to be recognised and given at least an opportunity to feel there could be a career for them. Being supported matters!

We are deeply passionate about our craft and want to see the very best actors create that high watermark in Australian films and TV.