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Advanced Teacher

Mathew Costin


The Meisner technique really is a language of understanding what it is to be human, in such a structured and systematic way that you can effectively step into the shoes of another person.


You cover enough aspects of their world, experience, personality and character - that for all intents and purposes, you really live as that person for a period of time. You become committed to what they believe in, responding without acting effort. Rather just as the character would do, you instead seek to smooth out the wild ride of their life.

This approach to the acting craft, as developed by Sanford Meisner, is a wonderful system to train in. It affords the actor a beautiful freedom of liveliness and impulsivity - yet properly constrained by the dozens of specific acting layers you develop during your years of education.

A well trained Meisner actor learns to decode the moral message within a story and discern their unique role in the telling of it. Most importantly, they grow the acting muscles that allow them to firmly ground everything into their bodies. Bypassing the intellect and engaging those most human faculties such as the heart, the gut and one’s conscience.

Equally applicable on stage or in front of Camera, the Meisner Technique provides the actor with the skills to unlock their personal talent, and provide the audience with the experience the writer has intended.

As an actor and educator, I can’t recommend Meisner training enough. I was blessed to undergo 4 years of full time training at The Actors Pulse, together with experiencing teacher training before I moved to Queensland in 2019.


The Actors Journey has a deliberate absence of the toxic behaviour and competitive spirit that often plagues other acting schools. I am proud to have joined the teaching staff of TAJ in 2021 as a continuation of my passion to educate and empower my fellow actors. 

Kelly Hetherington leads with his heart and considerable experience as an educator and story-teller, and it’s my ongoing privilege to work with him and the wonderful students of the school.

In 2022 we plan to continue to produce better actors for the Queensland Screen and Theatre Industries. I invite you to reach out and act on your passion for story-telling excellence.

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