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  • Who is the Sanford Meisner technique most suited to?
    Over the past decade, we would have to say from our observation that the 'Meisner' technique being learned at an advanced level doesn't appear to suit one personality, yet in our experience rather those who are more interested in a professional career or at least are willing to put in the time to become disciplined. Which also makes sense when we look at which professional actors in the world trained within 'Meisner' in an in-depth way. Factoring in that 'Meisner' is about developing our ability to live truthfully in a given imaginary circumstance, there's a lot of scope, if not even great encouragement that personality differences are cellebrated.
  • How long would it take to graduate in advanced 'Meisner' technique?
    Since everyone works at a different pace, there are variables, however mostly we have noticed that those who work really hard could complete training in two years, although some may wish to take longer.
  • How old does someone need to be to enter the course?
    It is not that we want to create an age restriction, however there is a requirement to be able to work on some fairly intensive emotional preps in order to produce outstanding performance ability over time, and this does require some personal insight for the actor. If someone is below sixteen, our assesment would likely be that parents permission would need to be provided except in unique circumstances.
  • What kinds of production opportunities are available to T.A.J students?
    The schools founder and subsiquent teacher are both actively involved in writing, producing and directing anything from short pieces for students, creating paid advertising through to building an up and coming feature film project, so there's no shortage of cool stuff to get involved with including reels and weekly shooting of class work.
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