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Kelly Hetherington


Both an award winning local film maker and extensively trained actor, Kelly has worked in Queensland for over a decade with a number of casting directors and agencies in developing actors in training. He is loved and respected by his students for an uncompromising commitment to seeing them fulfil their professional potential and carve out a place in a highly competitive industry.

Seeing a large gap between short term courses and big university courses that tended to teach a whole raft of techniques, Kelly felt that actors were missing out on the level of nuanced training that he experienced, and that successful actors he trained closely with had also learned, which took years to really grasp even one major technique.

Eventually this became The Actor's Journey, Queensland's first wholly dedicated Sanford Meisner technique school that teaches from beginner all the way through to advanced graduate level.

The other major project Kelly is now working on is placing advanced actors into a fully fledged feature film project in order to see their career's get a great start.

Kelly Hetherington
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