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All about your acting...

Not your wallet 


Welcome to how we like to do business with our actors, by serving them with genuine prices and the highest possible level of personalised training in Queensland for the renowned Meisner technique

Weekly pricing

Monthly pricing

Term pricing

Our weekly prices are designed for individuals who prefer the flexibility of smaller payments. We offer our very best personalised coaching at the highest level with over a decade of teaching Sanford Meisner technique. 



Our monthly pricing provides an opportunity to save even more with an easy payment system so you can focus on what you love, great acting with a wonderful team, plus save forty dollars per term.



Looking for the utmost value possible? Per Term pricing is for exactly that. Enjoy pouring your heart into your creative process and develop your skills at a professional level whilst saving eighty dollars per term.



Our difference

Your presence is your greatest acting tool. Our decades of Meisner training help you connect with the entire audience freely on screen or stage. That's our specialty.


No degree based on mere theory or short course alone can achieve this, simply because it is your own private journey that must be experienced.


We have created an environment that simply amplifies this organic process utilising the internationally regarded Sanford Meisner technique in an exciting way. 

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