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Arriving at casting

Being a 'US POW' on the set of Unbroken, I had just arrived from training for four years intensive acting technique with AAFI winner Luke Ford, and Aaron Glennane amongst other brilliant actors.

At that time it was very hard for even a well trained actor coming to Queensland to get into really solid roles, and I was perplexed at the severe lack of long term serious practical training. It really cooked my goose!

From that same Unbroken shoot I started teaching Sanford Meisner technique for Tom McSweenie, then insisted to my agent that their actors needed it! 

After successfully pitching an idea I directed a true story period piece based on a book about my Latvian Grandmother, and then started up the first professional long term Sanford Meisner acting school in Queensland.


Following five years of extensive work, a plethora of varied productions, and bringing on advanced teacher Mathew Costin, this year we are the first Sanford Meisner school in Australia to graduate advanced acting students since 2014 due to the meticulous training required.

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