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How we cast...

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“Enthusiastic and professional actors that show up on time and are reliable.” - Connor Armitage, Trimedia

we cast

Tier 1

Intermediate Actors

People who are years into their training, so they are very capable actors who have poured in many hours of in depth training. They may also not have extensive acting reels and may be excellent candidates doing unpaid grad film in return for print/footage whilst still being above average for paid work.

Tier 3

Advanced Alumni Graduates

A rare level of extensively and practically trained actor that has typically four to five years in depth work under their belt. They have seen thousands of hours in application, including character development, world building, behaviour, script, and have passed all layers of in-depth Sanford Meisner technique. Likely they have created or been very involved in various productions. Able to lead, highly direct able and may even start to teach others. There has been only five of these graduates in Australia since 2014. 


Industry names

If you don't know of them, it would be easy to look them up and they are 'in-demand'. 

Tier 02

Advanced Actors

Typically at least two plus years of intensive practical behavioural acting training. Able to dig deep into exploring highly emotive and moving moments that can really capture the essence of a scene, drawing in an audience. Strong understanding of story, script breakdowns, and bring value to production discussions.

Tier 4

Advanced Graduates Plus

Everything in Tier 3, however they have created or been involved in serious productions that have commercial kudos, won awards for their work. They may be publicly recognised or have runs on the board production wise and are deeply involved in the industry somehow.


An entire spectrum

These 'Tiers' help us to understand which actors could offer the most value to a production, however they do not determine every factor

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