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Audiences don't care about our acting technique or where we studied, they want an experience!.. 

But how on earth can an audience be expected to experience an emotion, if the actor isn't really going through that same emotion truthfully in the given world their character lives in? To often actors 'play' an idea, yet audiences feel little.

Whilst it's an amazing fact that we brought the world renowned 'Sanford Meisner' technique to Queensland in full format, at the end of the day, great directors will always ultimately care about how moving your work is!

With its emphasis on truthful and spontaneous responses, the correct approach will help you connect with your character honestly, unlocking new levels of emotional range and allow authenticity in your performances.

Developed by legendary acting coach Sanford Meisner, this technique has been used by some of the most brilliant actors of our time, including Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Cruise and the list goes on!

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Sanford Meisner technique can take your craft to the next level and help you stand out in both screen auditions and on stage.
Nothing is free in this world, accept one of our special Sanford Meisner technique classes!..

Come and enjoy a completely free three-hour professional class with Queensland's leading Meisner teachers. A great opportunity to ask questions and meet other inspiring actors. Look through our courses and select a free class.

"Out of the three of us NIDA students, the director said my audition was the most 'directable' because I had learned Meisner."
- Graduate, Damien McIntosh

"An amazing acting school with (award winning film maker) teacher (Kelly Hetherington) who truly cares about each student, both in terms of professional development and personal growth, and well being." 
- Student, Tim Weymouth
Why else directors love working with professionally trained Meisner actors?..

  1. These actors become completely free in their work

  2. They develop a highly organic style of acting that audiences will be drawn to

  3. They become an actor who is very watchable

  4. They learn to develop real characters that are wholly believable

  5. They analyse and understand how to read scripts quickly

  6. Creating incredible imaginary circumstances on the go

  7. They overcome nerves with precision and confidence

  8. They build up to the ability to work with any level of actor

  9. They turn anxiety into a useful and healthy tool

  10. The ability to listen and connect with others in a whole new way

  11. They read, adjust, and learn about behaviour at a level few will ever know

  12. They are fun to work with(Shsssh, don't tell anyone)

  13. They understand what it means to become a legitimate professional artist

  • Grab the opportunity to experience a completely free Sanford Meisner c...
  • Get in front of camera every week, keep copies of your work and grow!
    Wed3 hr
    Between $35 and $67
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